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Friendzoned Wolverine

Awesome Art claws wolverine wonder woman - 6347873024
By Diddick (Via Silvia Draws)

Deadpool Speaks the Truth

healing factor truth wolverine - 6515958016
By Jayfiend138

Nightcrawler, Put Some Pants On

cover nightcrawler pants Straight off the Straight off the Page wolverine - 4903926528
By frostfox (Via Cover Browser)

The Wolvercream

superheroes wolverine - 7749408256
By MidnightChicken (Via thinkitscalledmydestiel)


Awesome Art batman iron man rorshach wolverine - 5022689024
By maxystone (Via

Wolvenom Is Incredible

art wolverine funny Venom - 7611632640
By Proffer (Via Official PSDS)

Are Those Nails Adamantium?

nails wtf art wolverine - 6739139328
Via KayleighOC

Every Kid Wants to Be Wolvie

art kids imagination wolverine - 6901141760
Via Andy Fairhurst

People Keep Talking About Hugh Jackman and Tom Hardy... What About This Monkey?

Via archiemcphee

Genderswap Old School Wolverine

cosplay wolverine - 5360982016
Via Urban Silence

He Looks Just Like Howard the Duck

Spider-Man off the page girlfriend wolverine - 7235839488
By nae187

Epic Avengers...

Spider-Man toys batman wolverine avengers - 6707529984
By Unknown

Come Here My Love

chesnaught Pokémon wolverine - 7848427520
By Unknown

Only in Canada

Awesome Art Canada scott pilgrim wolverine - 6385100800
By frank44mag

That Is a Serious Fight

fight Star Trek Super-Lols wolverine - 6187853824
By Unknown

The Worst Part Is You Couldn't Shoot His Brains Out

ash Awesome Art undead wolverine zombie - 4942187008
By Unknown