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The Wolverine Teaser Poster

poster Movie wolverine - 7165813504
By BrianJF (Via Collider)

The All-New, All-Different Marvel Teases an All-New, All-Lady Wolverine

Via Marvel

Because Your Phone Isn't Super Enough

captain america iphone Random Heroics Spider-Man wolverine - 5406610432

Oh, That Wolverine

cyclops motorcycle wolverine - 6518680064
By Bunicool

I Don't Like Babies, so I'll Go With Wolverine

angry Awesome Art Babies batman best of week Spider-Man wolverine - 5198955008

Why Does Wolverine Have No Face?

punisher Straight off the Straight off the Page wolverine - 6330904576
By MC_Hammer_Pants

Super Senses Are Tricky

xmen wolverine - 8330244864
Via Texts From Superheroes

Stupid Sexy Cyclops

cyclops love wolverine funny - 7559233792
By The_Artist_Formerly_Know_As_anon

So Terribly Pretty!

crazy off the page wolverine pretty - 6718865408
By AmazingGamer

Superhero Pictograms

superheroes batman wolverine - 7885461504
Via Michelle Samuels

That's Why He Can't Die

deadpool wolverine - 8240638720
Via ben-is-lyfe

Enjoy That Cavity Search Wolvie!

Awesome Art TSA wolverine - 5299147008
By fabricioDAWG

Which Do You See?

wolverine batman optical illusion Which Do You See?
Via neautralnathaniel

HA! Suck it Wolverine!

deadpool wolverine - 6589045504
By Unknown

Tired of Wolverine? Fox Is Finally Continuing With X-Men Spinoff Movies, Potentially with Mystique

movies x men wolverine - 8142018560
Via EW

One Angry Wolvie

awesome costume wolverine funny - 7587376640
Via Andrew Michael Phillips