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Westboro Baptist Deadpool

Protest deadpool wolverine - 8020705280
By Unknown

Man of Adamantium

wolverine man of steel funny - 7625668096
By mau5boy

No One Bubs Like Gaston

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The Third Gen Dream Will Never Be Complete

pokemon emerald Memes gen 3 wolverine - 8190190080
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We Understand You Wolverine

comics yveltal wolverine - 7801268480
By toxicsquall
movies x men trailers wolverine Video - 48950529

You Won't Want to Miss This Trailer for 'The Wolverine'

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A Good Time To Have a Healing Factor

deadpool wolverine the hulk - 8158472704
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That Must Be Hank Venture

batman Super-Lols wolverine x men - 4946731520
By Ruskicho

Samurai Wolverine Kicks Ninja Butt

Fan Art samurai wolverine - 8360161024
By Kotorcom (Via kotorcomics)

Cyclops Gets What He Deserves

gifs cyclops wolverine - 8498874624
By tamaleknight
x men hugh jackman musical wolverine - 59708161

Hugh Jackman Unveils The Wolverine Musical

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Heavy Bones

kamala khan ms marvel Straight off the Page wolverine - 8294125824
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HA! Suck it Wolverine!

deadpool wolverine - 6589045504
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Who Says We Need Another Deadpool Movie?

deadpool worst wolverine - 8301839616
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This Is a Little Awkward Without Colossus

Straight off the Page she hulk wolverine - 8398432000
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Uh Oh...Looks Like Magneto Wants One

beer fat Magneto The Movies wolverine - 4892883200
By -Ghost-