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We Call These, "Happy Accidents"

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Using Your Powers Responsibly

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By Unknown

The Wolvercream

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Cyclops' Insurance Claims Must Be Through the Roof

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wolverine comic

"Not Ok..." an Adorable Take on Wolverine and X-23

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What If Batman Made Himself Wolverine Claws?

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This is Combat 101, People!

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Hugh Jackman Then and Now

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By silentjay12345
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Are You Willing to be Honest About Wolverine?

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Gigantic Charcoal Portrait of Wolverine is Awesome

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Peanut Heroes

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Don't Think That's Why You're Single...Just Sayin'

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By Wendy-bird

Why Choose Just One?

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By Mission_Possible

The Wolverine Teaser Poster

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Who Needs Script Writers Any More?

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The Metallic Element of Surprise

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