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WTF Is Happening Here?!?!

phoenix Spider-Man Straight off the Straight off the Page wolverine - 6444818944
By seventhofearth

The Scariest Animal

wolverine - 8350960640
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The Metallic Element of Surprise

Via Texts from Superheroes

Friendzoned Wolverine

Awesome Art claws wolverine wonder woman - 6347873024
By Diddick (Via Silvia Draws)

Tired of Wolverine? Fox Is Finally Continuing With X-Men Spinoff Movies, Potentially with Mystique

movies x men wolverine - 8142018560
Via EW

Who Runs Barter Town?

comics professor x wolverine - 7934973696
By Unknown

Worse Than Eastern Promises

Battle deadpool off the page wolverine - 7934993664
By Unknown

I'm the Avatar, Bub!

crossover Avatar the Last Airbender wolverine - 7510138112
By JamesNicholasGarcia

Classic: Which Is It?

wolverine art batman - 6683880448
By jsjp13

Full Contact High Fives

Fan Art high five iron man luke skywalker Sad wolverine - 6554585344
By Unknown

Uh Oh...Looks Like Magneto Wants One

beer fat Magneto The Movies wolverine - 4892883200
By -Ghost-
x men hugh jackman musical wolverine - 59708161

Hugh Jackman Unveils The Wolverine Musical

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You and Me Both, Buddy

beer off the page wolverine - 8319029504
By Comin2U
adventure time instagram wolverine - 24838

Wolvie's Makin' Bacon Pancakes

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Cats wolverine - 60342017

Wolverine Cat Is Back And Ready For Haters

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batman wolverine - 62540033

What If Batman Made Himself Wolverine Claws?

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