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Comical Dungeons & Dragons Tips as Mock Motivational Posters For Adventurers Lingering In All Corners Of The Interwebs

New to Dungeons & Dragons ? Here's a handful of tips, free of charge: 1. If your party gets lost in a maze, just follow the trail of discarded character sheets back to where you started. 2. To make the game more exciting, replace your DM with a magic eight ball. Shake it forcefully before each decision and prepare for unpredictable plot twists. 3. When faced with a locked door, don't bother with lock-picking. Just yell, “Knock, knock!” and wait for a “Who's there?” 4. Need a quick disguise? Jus…
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19 memes about dungeons and dragons | thumbnail includes two pictures of memes about dungeons and dragons

Roll for memes: A Natural 19 Collection of Dungeons & Dragons Memes

Did you know gelatinous cubes come in different flavors?
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22 memes about dungeons and dragons | thumbnail includes two pictures of DnD memes

Critical Hit: 22 Side-Splitting Dungeons and Dragons Memes for Every Adventurer

isn't it amazing that after 48 years, a better game has yet to be invented?
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20 dungeons and dragons memes | thumbnail includes two pictures of dungeons and dragons memes

No Dragon Needed: 20 Pure Gold Dungeons and Dragons Memes

This description is a mimic. don't read it!
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a collection of 20 memes about Dungeons and Dragons  | thumbnail includes two memes about Dungeons and Dragons

Roll for Laughs: 20 Wizard D&D Memes for Seasoned Adventurers

We rolled 20 on these memes!
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The Best Dungeons & Dragons Memes of the Week (March 3, 2023)

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