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It's Always In The Last Place You Look

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Hugh Jackman Then and Now

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Hugh Jackman's Original Wolverine Audition Tape

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Get Caught Up on Everything X-Men

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Everything Wrong With The Wolverine

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The Third Gen Dream Will Never Be Complete

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DIY Retractable Wolverine Claws

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Wolverine Attacks With The Ultimate Ranged Weapon

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Everything About "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" is Wrong

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A Good Time To Have a Healing Factor

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Wolverine Cat Is Back And Ready For Haters

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Tired of Wolverine? Fox Is Finally Continuing With X-Men Spinoff Movies, Potentially with Mystique

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Hugh Jackman Unveils The Wolverine Musical

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Even Iron Man Doesn't Get This Much Attention

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Douche Central Over Here

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It's Your Kids, Logan. Something Must Be Done About Your Kids

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