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Epic Avengers...

Spider-Man toys batman wolverine avengers - 6707529984
By Unknown

He'll Get Better Anyways

kitty pryde iceman Straight off the Page Spider-Man wolverine - 8101256704
By itsbutton

Friendzoned Wolverine

Awesome Art claws wolverine wonder woman - 6347873024
By Diddick (Via Silvia Draws)

The Cake That Cuts Itself

awesome cake delicious food Random Heroics wolverine - 5036011008
By maxystone

The Worst Part Is You Couldn't Shoot His Brains Out

ash Awesome Art undead wolverine zombie - 4942187008
By Unknown

Hugh Jackman Proposes the Worst

Via Hugh Jackman

True, Adamantium Beats Iron

iron sausage Super-Lols wolverine - 5490916352
See all captions By thegreatdevin

Mutants Only Bathroom

x men bathroom professor x wolverine - 8007245824
By Unknown

Beast Really Loved that Jet-Ski

angel Awesome Art beast wolverine - 5275721984
By misstique (Via

Westboro Baptist Deadpool

Protest deadpool wolverine - 8020705280
By Unknown

The Evolution of Wolverine in Film

The Evolution of Wolverine in Film
Via 5a7kci

Dwight = Right

high five wolverine - 6564791040
By Danny G

Wolverine Goes to Nail Salon

Via CrouchingTigerHiddenUsername

Eugene and Logan: OTP

Via happy-ash

Enjoy That Cavity Search Wolvie!

Awesome Art TSA wolverine - 5299147008
By fabricioDAWG

Nice Undies

eww Super-Lols wolverine - 5921466112
By xyzpdq1