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Who Would You Choose?

terminator Predator hellboy wolverine robocop darth vader batman - 7753830400
By Unknown

Double Edged Facial Hair

facial hair wolverine - 7876113152
By Unknown

Me Too!

beer awesome wolverine - 6901145600
By Unknown

Why Does Wolverine Have No Face?

punisher Straight off the Straight off the Page wolverine - 6330904576
By MC_Hammer_Pants

Wolverine Can Put Them Back

the x-men did not drink responsibly
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Superhero's Go Shopping in This Graffiti Masterpiece

wolverine iron man Superhero's Go Shopping in This Graffiti Masterpiece
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Poor Wolverine

Awesome Art daredevil deadpool Spider-Man wolverine - 6421095424
By Jdubs96

Oh, That Wolverine

cyclops motorcycle wolverine - 6518680064
By Bunicool
xmen wolverine - 63184641

I Wonder If The X-Men Would Be A Better Movie Franchise Without Wolverine

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Hugh Jackman Proposes the Worst

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Sexy, Sexy Spider-Man

sexy times Spider-Man wolverine - 6631902720
By Unknown

The All-New, All-Different Marvel Teases an All-New, All-Lady Wolverine

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That Domino Effect

superheroes x-force sex and violence cover
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Eugene and Logan: OTP

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saturday morning Saturday Morning Cartoons wolverine wtf x men - 4909368320
By Johannorlunda

This Seems Dangerous for the Students

class Straight off the Page wolverine wtf - 5879611136
By maxystone