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Peanut Heroes

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Sad x men superheroes wolverine Video - 132358

Why You Gotta Be Like That, Hugh?...

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It's An Easy Hypothesis To Test

wolverine off the page - 7984751360
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Who Ruined That Poster?

art poster awesome wolverine - 6780831744
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Putting Wolvie Through Hell

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Genderswap Old School Wolverine

cosplay wolverine - 5360982016
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Imitation Is The Sincerest Form of Flattery

deadpool totally looks like wolverine off the page - 7925813504
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Logan Instagram Account Reveals the Villain for Wolverine 3 Movie

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Wolverine Cat Is Back And Ready For Haters

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SO CUTE, But They Could Still Break Your Face

Awesome Art batgirl colossus Harley Quinn shazam storm wolverine - 4962528768
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Not Sure If Marvel Tattoo Sleeve is Awesome or Worst Decision Ever?

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What If Wolverine Could Die?

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old man logan movies x men superheroes wolverine - 83162625

The First Trailer for Logan Is Here, and It Looks Like We're Due for the Best Wolverine Movie Yet

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Wolverine: The Epic Split

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No One Bubs Like Gaston

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news x men superheroes wolverine - 846853

Hugh Jackman Asked His Fans to Caption a Picture of Him Training for Old Man Logan Role, and the Responses Are Amazing

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