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Is that Thor's hammer or are you just ecstatic to see Marvel memes again? Whatever the case, you'll get your fair share of Marvel puns jokes and remixes that will have you chuckling the day away. So grab your Vibranium shield and your Iron Man suit and get ready to dive in.

Robert Downey Jr. Discusses the Growing Possibility He's Actually up for Iron Man 4!

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They're Heroes On and Off The Screen

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ALL the Marvel!

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Marvel's Mad Titan Thanos Is Getting His Own Comic Series, and Writer Jeff Lemire Talks About Thanos' New Mission Statement

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15 Ultimate Battles Between Marvel and DC Comics Clones

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Jesse Pinkman v Juggernaut

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Tom Holland is Your New Spider-Man!

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Ladies and germs, the next teenage white guy to take up the mantle of Peter Parker is none other than nineteen year old Tom Holland . A relative unknown, Holland hails from the UK and has been in such films as The Impossible and TV mini-series Wolf Hall . The film will be directed by Jon Watts ( Cop Car ), and is slated for release on July 28, 2017. It looks like Holland has already been practicing for stunts on the film: A video posted by (@tomholland2013) on Jun 21, 2015 at 7:40am PDT

Even Joker Has No Chill with Captain America's Staggering Development


Who Would Win?

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Oh, So Thaaat's How You Make a Spider-Man!

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Iron Man and Captain America Took a Timeout from Fighting One Another to Visit an 18-Year-Old Battling Cancer Who Should Be the next Avenger

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Black Panther and Bucky Square off Rooftop Style in the Newest Captain America: Civil War, Fight Clip

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Marvel Heroes Re-Imagined as Cute Pooches

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Deadpool Drinking Logic

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Deadpool Back at It With That Grade A No-Chill

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The Female Avengers

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