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Is that Thor's hammer or are you just ecstatic to see Marvel memes again? Whatever the case, you'll get your fair share of Marvel puns jokes and remixes that will have you chuckling the day away. So grab your Vibranium shield and your Iron Man suit and get ready to dive in.

Marvel/Disney Goes The Extra Mile To Cut Women Out of Toys

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Season 2 of The Avengers

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Not Your Nightmares

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My Favorite Pokemon Quote

Lord of the Rings marvel Harry Potter trolling doctor who - 6972881920
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Job Well Done Nick Fury, Job Well Done

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Frank Grillo Said That Crossbones Could Take the Hulk, and Honestly, What the Hell Is He Talking About

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Leslie Jones Discovering Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War Is Funnier than Anyone Expected

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The Justice Avengers Ponies?

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The Next Game Will Be LEGO Marvel Vs. DC

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First Image From Agent Carter's Season Two Takes Her to Los Angeles

agent carter marvel First Image From Agent Carter's Season Two Takes Her to Los Angeles
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That One Time Kanye Tried to Borrow Money from Tony Stark

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Daw, Poor Deadpool

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The Good, The Bad, And The Super

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BREAKING: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 International Trailer Released!

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The Next Generation of Kids Will Think Captain America Actually Existed, Thanks to This Amazing 13-Foot, 1-Ton Statue of the Hero Himself

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Deadpool the Trollvenger

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