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Is that Thor's hammer or are you just ecstatic to see Marvel memes again? Whatever the case, you'll get your fair share of Marvel puns jokes and remixes that will have you chuckling the day away. So grab your Vibranium shield and your Iron Man suit and get ready to dive in.

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer

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Death Comes For Wolverine

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The Five Stages of Watching a Marvel Movie

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I Just Can't Get Enough Marvel and Disney Mashups!

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Ant Man Meets the Team in the Latest Clip From Captain America: Civil War

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Looks Pretty Magical, to be Fair

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The All-New, All-Different Marvel Teases an All-New, All-Lady Wolverine

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His Curse Will Become His Power

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What About That Super Senior Year Though?

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Get a Glimpse of Future Past's Bishop

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Marvel your Drunk go Home

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Too Bad Thor Wasn't Worthy of That Group Chat

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Training Montage

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Stark Struck Speechless Would Be a Sight to Behold

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Anyone Else on Board for Captain America: Jungle War?

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The Female Avengers

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