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To be More Precise, Zeref Taught Him His Magic

fairy tail manga - 8438441984
Created by swilhelm ( Via mangafox )

Every One Piece Manga Volume To Date

gifs manga one piece - 7868177920
Created by Dalek_Supreme

Espada Cuatro

anime bleach cosplay manga - 6260705536
Via LALAax

Tell It Again!

anime Fan Art hetalia manga - 5720761344
Created by pikacrona ( Via the-blurple-mage )

The Gendo Pose: You Know What's About to Go Down

anime Fan Art manga neon genesis evangelion - 5422232576
Created by OldManSebastian

Eye See What You Did There, and It Disgusts Me

Fan Art manga touhou project - 5606849024
Created by lrregular

Do You Belong to the Military Police, the Survey Corps, or the Garrison?

anime attack on titan manga - 7979196160
Created by Unknown

Hello There, Sunflower

anime cosplay manga - 5526772736
Created by butterflyperception ( Via )

What a Joker!

anime death note It Came From the It Came From the Interwebz l manga - 6334337024
Created by muppetpuppet

The Calorie Level Is Over 9000!!!

dragon ball anime manga food - 8766384640
Created by Mamalugia

Dark Bakura

anime cosplay manga Yu Gi Oh - 5621485312
Created by ThiefBakura

It's a Start

anime memes friend watched a manga

Beautiful Darkness

cosplay manga - 5468744960
Via Des-Henkers-Braut

Shinigami are Lots of Fun

anime death note It Came From the It Came From the Interwebz manga ryuk - 6434680576
Created by EFFI-EFFI

We Know What She Means

memefield pls manga - 8102008576
Created by memefield

Even Goku Thinks It's a Mouthful!

dragonball z manga goku funny web comics - 8799668224
Created by Mamalugia