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Need a Sparring Partner?

Fan Art fullmetal alchemist manga - 5507952896
Created by Unknown

Deep Anime

anime manga wat wtf - 7981822208
Created by heisei24

Why Crona Can't Sleep Anymore

anime It Came From the It Came From the Interwebz manga soul eater - 6379427072
Created by ilikecheezeburgers

Friendship Suddenly Doesn't Look so Magical

Pokémon my little pony anime manga - 7782274560
Created by Casull

Tell It Again!

anime Fan Art hetalia manga - 5720761344
Created by pikacrona ( Via the-blurple-mage )

The Future Isn't Decided Yet

cosplay manga x1999 - 5526697728
Created by butterflyperception ( Via lilian-hime )

Things are a Little Different in the Manga

pokemon memes anime vs manga

All the Proof You Need

anime death note Fan Art kira l light yagami manga - 6004635904
Created by Unknown

Quite an Undertaking

black butler cosplay Kuroshitsuji manga - 5477474816
Via Lightgrapher

Lust for Lust

anime cosplay manga - 5974557184
Created by Rika235 ( Via )

Nah, It's Definitely a 7

anime memes sizing up
Via colonelowl

Hardly a Horror

cosplay manga - 5743601408
Via kifir

Come at Me, Katniss

anime cosplay inuyasha manga - 6466103296
Created by Rika235 ( Via Anita Red )

From Mother Russia, With Love

anime cosplay hetalia manga - 5464046592
Created by butterflyperception ( Via Raskolnikova-Sonya )

Kantai Collection in a Nutshell

manga video games - 8545920768
Created by ArkenFlare

Need a Senzu Bean for That Burn?

trolling dragonball z lol manga - 8765447168
Created by Mamalugia