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No Wonder It Stinks

anime manga - 7445032192
Created by DashUnchained

You'll Never Block Me Alive Copper!!!

manga - 8517700608
Created by Luchabro

Are You Prepared for Season Two?

gifs anime attack on titan manga - 7984624640
Created by NanoKid6

Super Saiyan God Parents

fairly odd parents lol manga super saiyan - 8768962560
Created by Mamalugia

Ryuk is Right Next to You, Isn't He?

anime death note manga misa amane - 6065770496
Via Omnies

Smile, Ciel

anime black butler cosplay Kuroshitsuji manga - 6202759936
Via Cosplayers Archive

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

wtf manga dating - 8244976128
Created by maorows

Put 'Em Together and What Have You Got?

dragonball z manga funny - 8802660096
Created by Mamalugia

Grell That's Just Great

black butler cosplay Kuroshitsuji manga - 5551882240
Created by becatronn

Four Leaf Clover

cosplay manga - 6527177472
Via SaraDarkLight

At Least It Isn't as Offensive as the Penetration Beam Cannon....

anime Dragon Ball Z manga insult - 8766385152
Created by Mamalugia

Words to Live By!

Via deadpoolsheik

The G8

anime Fan Art hetalia manga - 6545333760
Created by DoodlesOfPoodlesEatingNoodles

The Goddess

anime cosplay manga saint seiya - 6456336640
Via xhinji

Wait, You're Not a Ghost

anime cosplay manga - 6302631936
Created by Bronte

This World is Rotten

anime death note Fan Art gifs kira light manga - 6403028480
Created by Unknown