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dark knight manga batman - 6722598144
Created by MagicoAlverman ( Via Pixiv )

Need a Senzu Bean for That Burn?

trolling dragonball z lol manga - 8765447168
Created by Mamalugia

Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun Got a Live Action Adaptation

reaction gifs manga - 8758412288
Created by AlisonK

Anime Vs Manga: Problem Solved

anime manga - 7828640256
Created by PsychicFightingDark

Inverse Law of Appearance and Content

art manga - 7984210432
Created by Thesmashbro

I Like to Watch

anime death note manga ryuk - 7899491072
Created by Unknown

Those Sweets'll Get the Best of You

anime death note l manga - 6616497408
Via Nyugvo6

That moment when you're reading an eroge manga and the parents walk in

parenting manga one-punch man - 8792874752
Created by Mamalugia

I'm Looking for Him

anime cosplay manga soul eater - 6451894784
Created by becatronn

Keroro IRL

cute manga frog - 6926386944
Created by savannamia

Found This Gem While Reading Pokémon Adventures

manga Pokémon - 8015536384
Created by Kirstan ( Via manga.animea )

We're Just Getting Started

anime anime attack on titan attack on titan manga manga - 7724167424
Created by Megamean09

Aculy Is

manga - 8205972736
Created by maorows

Need a Sparring Partner?

Fan Art fullmetal alchemist manga - 5507952896
Created by Unknown

I Can See Russia From My House

anime cosplay hetalia manga - 5402562560
Created by butterflyperception

All the Proof You Need

anime death note Fan Art kira l light yagami manga - 6004635904
Created by Unknown