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How to Stop Evolution

manga tepig Pokémon - 8268733440
Via Zamochy

Welcome Home, Idiots!

anime Fan Art fullmetal alchemist manga - 6787024896
Created by muppetpuppet ( Via shadsonic2 )

Fight Hellfire With Hellfire!

cosplay manga - 5473206784
Created by VongoleXfamiligia ( Via LALAax )

Plain Truth

manga - 8456011776
Created by Derp-a-derp ( Via shoujonotes )

When I Find a New Anime That Looks Interesting

anime fandom problems manga Futurama Fry - 7819884032
Created by Thesmashbro

Can We Talk About the Practicality of Your Outfit?

bleach Fan Art manga - 5562395904
Via Wen-JR

Nothing Lasts Forever

anime cosplay manga - 5833849600
Via h2g-tesscosplay

The food Pyramid for Geniuses

anime death note Fan Art l manga - 5754063872
Created by megustachu ( Via Erin Witzel )

The Only Edward for Me

anime best of week cosplay fullmetal alchemist manga - 6234313728
Via updaterequired

Will You Be My Zombie?

anime cosplay manga - 5998084352
Created by Rika235 ( Via azusanagisa )

Aculy Is

manga - 8205972736
Created by maorows

When You're the Only One in the Squad Without a Cool Nickname..

anime manga - 8770969344
Created by Ginsan

Lust for Lust

anime cosplay manga - 5974557184
Created by Rika235 ( Via )

Even Goku Thinks It's a Mouthful!

dragonball z manga goku funny web comics - 8799668224
Created by Mamalugia

All the Proof You Need

anime death note Fan Art kira l light yagami manga - 6004635904
Created by Unknown

The Gendo Pose: You Know What's About to Go Down

anime Fan Art manga neon genesis evangelion - 5422232576
Created by OldManSebastian