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Jingle Ball

dragonball z manga goku funny - 8802660608
Created by Mamalugia

A Successor Has Been Chosen

news anime manga - 7730329088
Created by Anonymous84

Grell That's Just Great

black butler cosplay Kuroshitsuji manga - 5551882240
Created by becatronn

Immortality Is Wasted On the Young

anime cosplay hellsing manga - 5425279232
Created by butterflyperception ( Via Yukilefay )

Fan Art Can Be a Truly Beautiful Thing Sometimes, Man

Via everydayanime

And With That, Naruto Comes to a Close

naruto manga - 8371324928
Created by Sosuke

If They're Enemies, They Must Be Lovers!

anime death note Fan Art kira l light manga - 6463950592
Created by EklipseWolf ( Via viperviolist )

How to Stop Evolution

manga tepig Pokémon - 8268733440
Via Zamochy

This is Why I Love Hiromu Arakawa

anime fullmetal alchemist manga - 8224581376
Created by SketchySword

What Are You, Stupid?

anime cosplay manga video games - 5541318912
Via NikitaCosplay

Beerus Is a Weird Shipper

dragonball z beerus manga - 8798497280
Created by Mamalugia

Founder and President

cosplay manga - 5650330624
Created by butterflyperception

Why People Love Pokémon Special

ruby manga - 6994117120
Created by Unknown

The Double Standards of a Fan

anime manga one piece - 8144486656
Created by ShrugsMcMeh ( Via null )

Looks Like She Snapped

anime one punch man Fan Art manga - 8606466816
Created by Qwertzuy ( Via viperxtr )

MY, What a Big Scythe You Have

anime cosplay death note manga misa amane - 6488621568
Via hopie-chan