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a video about how the animated movie AKIRA was made | thumbnail includes a picture of Tetsuo from the movie

Animating the Future: The Art and Techniques That Elevated AKIRA to Cinematic Glory

No wonder this film still stands the test of time
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Fan Art Can Be a Truly Beautiful Thing Sometimes, Man

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That Moment When Your Manga Shelf Gives under the Weight of a Thousand Treasures, and Your World Ends

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Jingle Ball

dragonball z manga goku funny - 8802660608
Created by Mamalugia

Put 'Em Together and What Have You Got?

dragonball z manga funny - 8802660096
Created by Mamalugia

Good Ol' Master Roshi

manga funny - 8802659840
Created by Mamalugia

Everyone Else Can Do It, Gohan

piccolo gohan dragonball z manga funny - 8801471488
Created by otakumako

Words to Live By!

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Yes Sir I'll Make a Man out of You!

kids growing up dragonball z manga - 8799636480
Created by Mamalugia

What It Feels Like to Play a DBZ Game

dragonball z manga video games video game logic funny - 8799641344
Created by Mamalugia

Lasts Longer. Much Longer.

dragonball z manga funny - 8799642880
Created by Mamalugia

Even Goku Thinks It's a Mouthful!

dragonball z manga goku funny web comics - 8799668224
Created by Mamalugia

Talented Artists Are Reimagining Famous European Art With Anime Makeovers, and the Results Are Breathtaking

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Master Roshi Is Observant

dragonball z manga - 8798498304
Created by Mamalugia

Beerus Is a Weird Shipper

dragonball z beerus manga - 8798497280
Created by Mamalugia

It's official - Goku can actually use the Kaio-Ken while in Super Saiyan Blue!

picture manga goku - 8797781248
Created by Mamalugia
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