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Tomoko Tells It Like It Is

WataMote manga - 8384635392
By Derp-a-derp (Via

Dress for Days

cosplay manga - 6120365312
Via Chrome-sensei

When You're the Only One in the Squad Without a Cool Nickname..

anime manga - 8770969344
By Ginsan

The Goddess

anime cosplay manga saint seiya - 6456336640
Via xhinji

This is Why I Love Hiromu Arakawa

anime fullmetal alchemist manga - 8224581376
By SketchySword

Espada Cuatro

anime bleach cosplay manga - 6260705536
Via LALAax

Will You Be My Zombie?

anime cosplay manga - 5998084352
By Rika235 (Via azusanagisa)

Watch Out, We Actually Have a Badass Over Here

anime awesome Badass best of week comic manga red - 5603459072
By steve3

Immortality Is Wasted On the Young

anime cosplay hellsing manga - 5425279232
By butterflyperception (Via Yukilefay)

When You're Rocking Out

manga - 8541525248
By Luchabro

How Could This Happen To Me!?

farts anime attack on titan manga - 7756641536
By The_Artist_Formerly_Know_As_anon
marvel wtf manga - 245764

So, Attack on Titan is Getting an Official Marvel Crossover

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Bad Luck Saiyan Saga

dragonball z lol manga - 8768755456
By Mamalugia

Eff the Police

gyarados manga lysandre - 8207077888
By CutieFennekin (Via foolz)

A Sanctuary in Itself

cosplay manga - 5398400000
By butterflyperception

May is Hardcore

manga may - 8361166336
Via dada_
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