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Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.


rainbow dash crossover pinkie pie cute - 6689384192
By Herb1990

The Photo On The Right Tells The Real Story

twilight sparkle cute princess luna princess celestia - 8408319488
By iceing711

Gotta Squee at 'em All

cute eevee eeveelutions Fan Art Pokémon - 6598879744
Via 根古芽 好物

What a Super-Cutie

costume cute Super Costume supergirl - 5203401472
By xyzpdq1

Battle of the Little Legends

cute Fan Art legendaries - 8249846272
By Russ Smith (Via rsltd)

Save the Princess!

cute It Came From the Interwebz legend of zelda link - 6076137472
By butterflyperception

Sup' Ladies

gifs anime cute - 8137644544
By sexybait13

So Cute Alone In Her Room

1000 years art banished celestia cute luna - 5532352512
By mipekeponi85
cute ant man - 72562177

Be Careful With Your Ants, Scott

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How Crafty

amazing art cute eeveelutions fandom - 5888099840
By Unknown

The Perks of Royalty

Via doggonepony

This Would Make a Better Anime

ash art anime cute humans - 6898570240
By Unknown

Groot Helps Young Boy With Dyspraxia

Via Uproxx
star wars vine wookie furby cute - 68673281

This Hellbeast is a Combination of a Furby and a Wookie, Affectionately Known as a "Furbacca"

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cosplay kids cute parenting frozen - 428037

What Do You Do If Your Daughter Isn't Ready to Let Go of Frozen? Dress Up as Elsa, of Course!

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best of week cute fluttershy ponies rainbow dash sleeping too loud yay - 5082267136
By prisemaster