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Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.

I'm Awake!

gifs cute pikachu - 8280875008
By Shizui (Via vaporotem)

Best Bros for Life

cubchoo Pokémon art cute teddiursa pancham - 7708383488
By DineshThePoet

Superheroes: I NEED THIS

awesome cute deadpool Plush toy - 6525377280
By justinbibi (Via Self Phobia)

Oh Discord, That Rascal

cute discord the internets - 6305444608
By ogundu13

Bumblebee Needs a Few Things From the Grocery

cosplay cute transformers - 5393732352
By ash (Via
Pokémon cute Video frogs - 47851265

All the Frogs in Pokémon

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Maybe He's Just Misunderstood

hydreigon cute - 6882400256
By Unknown

Spike's Birthday Surprise

amazing awesome birthday cute IRL party cannon spike - 5549033984
By jtspooner (Via

Best Friends

twilight sparkle cute fluttershy squee - 8542952448
By DeathByCupcakes (Via sverre93)

He Must Have a Weakness!

cosplay cute kids star wars stormtrooper superman - 6152334848
By SlightlySardonic

Augh Robin, Take a Bath

cute Fan Art Star Trek superheros - 6095264512
Via Mike Mitchell

The Cutest Contest

mane 6 fillies cute - 7879388672
By Dulcet-Ebullience

James Gunn Shares One Damn Adorable Baby Groot Cosplay Photo

Via James Gunn

The Prettiest Ponies

Bronies cosplay cute my little pony - 5420014592
Via LJinto


art cute derpy hooves - 7245426688
By Qwertzuy (Via bronytoss)


armor cosplay cute dogs - 6157634816
By Unknown