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Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.

cosplay kids cute star wars vii - 79149057

This is By Far the Cutest BB-8 Cosplay in the Galaxy

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6 Year Old Rey is Already Tough as Nails

rey cosplay kids cute - 8759544320
Created by christinabri ( Via Christina Bridges )

The Next Eeveelution is Exceptionally Loyal

dogs eeveelutions cute - 8752596224

Adorable Boy Sends Apology Letter to Nintendo For Spilling Water on His DS

parenting nintendo ds Adorable Boy Sends Apology Letter to Nintendo For Spilling Water on His DS
Via kotaku

Don't Talk About Me That Way!

hes a dirty trash can full of poop

Did I Hear Someone Say Pokémon?

Cats cute Video monster hunter - 77718529

These Cats are Terrible Monster Hunters

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Take a Bow

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When You're Too Lazy to Use Your Legs

pokemon memes raichu caterpillar
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cute Cats Video - 77536001

This Cat, Like Many of Us, Struggles Through an Egg Fetching Quest

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Pokémon Fan Art cute web comics - 8603683072
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cute kids star wars vine - 77199361

When You Discover the Force is Strong With You

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star wars instagram cute Video - 77163009

Watch John Boyega Talk BB-8 Off a Ledge in Shanghai

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I Was Such a Good Landscaper

pokemon memes no more cut
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star wars cute Video - 76986369

BB-8 is the Cutest Visitor to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago

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Tis the Season to Huddle Together for Warmth

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