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Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.

The Apple Family Pre-Orphaning Tragedy

applejack Apple Family orphan cute - 8480913408
By B4T_M4N (Via earthsong9405)

6 Year Old Rey is Already Tough as Nails

rey cosplay kids cute - 8759544320
By christinabri (Via Christina Bridges)

I Want You to Be the One, Like No One Ever Was

adorable best of week cute IRL pokeball - 5331762688
Via Dead From the Waist Down

You Would Be the Very Best Date

cute gameplay IRL Pokémon - 6016026112
By Unknown

The Master and the Doctor, Sitting In a Tree

cute doctor who Fan Art the master - 5397150464
By Cloud-Nine-Fo20

Pinkie Pie Joins Smash

Via koopa-master


gifs cute fluttershy - 8413340416
By DeathByCupcakes (Via
cosplay kids cute - 63148545

The Most Adorable Cosplayers

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Sweet Derpy

derpy hooves cute muffins carrots rabbits - 7583961856
By robert0_122

Adorable Dedenne is Adorable

gifs cute gen 6 Dedenne - 7728068352
By Daniel1999 (Via sunyshore)

Charizard Has Second Thoughts About Eating Cyndaquil

Pokémon cyndaquil charizard cute drawings - 7534352640
Via 東みなつ@1日目ス40a

Storm Is My Favorite

marvel cute awesome art categoryvoting-page - 6648877824
Via Poder Friki

Point Me to the Nearest Sewer!

cute turtles teenage mutant ninja turtles - 8092355840
Via null

More Fire Power!!

fennekin gifs Fan Art cute delphox - 8464476416
By Luchabro (Via Retsuo)

Is This Used Even More Than Cat-Smiles?

anime cute Cats - 7992897792
By azurenightmareragna
Pokémon pokemon go cute - 882437

Giant Pokémon Ditto Cushion Demands to Be Cuddled

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