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She is Flying..

Sad so close Scootaloo - 6857498112
Created by CanIHazCheezeburger

A Wild Feel Appeared

Sad Pokémon old school - 8411798784
Via MotherofMew

Cubone Needs Some Love Today

Sad cubone mothers day - 8490912768
Created by Mdbruin ( Via Mdbruin )

I'm Fine...

Sad feels pikachu - 8463512320
Via itsjayrad

Permission Granted

bane cry meme my little dashie permission to die Sad - 6483593472
Created by 51m0nn

Writing is Magic

lauren faust Okay Sad TV writers - 6077247488
Created by nackteHintern

This is a Cruel Joke

bibarel HM slave Sad - 6691645952
Created by TheAnonymousArAB

A Somewhat Valid Representation

Fan Art funny Pokémon Sad - 8162352640
Created by RedWingedBlackbird

I Got One Shot at This

gameplay legendary Sad save - 6354731776
Created by Unknown

Pokémon Titanic

Sad titanic Pokémon anime xatu natu - 7138733568
Created by JovenMistress

This is Messed Up

Sad gifs cartoons - 8387006208
Via alchemiedesetoiles

Dragonite Never Forgot

Sad Pokémon anime dragonite funny - 7476027136
Created by NewNoise3672 ( Via Sleepy Cyndaquil )

Fishing is Not Fun

art fishing magikarp Sad - 6297180416
Created by Unknown
Sad x men superheroes wolverine Video - 132358

Why You Gotta Be Like That, Hugh?...

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Rest in Peace Best Girl ;_;

Sad anime crying - 8964901120
Created by maorows

Admit It, You Cried Too

admit it brother cry forever alone Sad season 2 finale shining armor TV twilight sparkle - 6141347072
Created by oshawottcheezburgerz