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Batman is All About the Rebound

batman dead lois lane Sad Super-Lols superman - 4989509888
See all captions Created by DJAussie

First World Pegasister Problems

bronycon First World Problems meme Sad - 6385713408
Created by Unknown


Sad derpy song babs seed - 6804738816
Created by tprinces

Poor Fishey Fish

Sad joker fish - 6718032640
Created by mem0er

This is the Way to Make a Wish Come True

Sad Pokémon comics - 7008191232
Created by Not_Important_At_All

Welp, He's Not the Only One Anymore...

Sad xatu xerneas - 6967983872
Created by Salamence13

Did I Miss Anything?

luna meme princess celestia Sad season finale - 6141667584
Created by Jo-Zeeworm

Poor Pawniard..... ):

hands Sad - 6606826496
Created by Snivy

Pokémon Gamer Problems

events First World Problems gamestop meme Sad - 6554425344
Created by Unknown
amazing best of week chaos discord Sad thanks Video - 30003201

Discord's Story

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My Life

Sad gifs pinkie pie - 6885065984
Created by sora205

Poor Venusaur...

Pokémon Sad venusaur - 8428395264
Via LupusLaganum

If You Don't Tear Up Reading This There Might Be Something Wrong

Sad moms animal crossing web comics - 8208876800
Via This is Game

They Have Feelings Too

crying play Sad TV - 5576951040
Created by oshawottcheezburgerz

Pony World Problems

brohoof Bronies pinkie pie ponies Sad - 5590944768
Created by trollerroller

The Saddest Realization

meme Memes pikachu reality Sad - 6224554496
See all captions Created by lucas_fg