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Sad charizard dragons - 8582917120
Created by DissolveTheKitten

Larfleeze Feels

Sad feels Green lantern - 7099486208
Created by Larfleeze

Nuzlocke Challenge Woes

Sad Memes Nuzlocke Challenge - 6991965184
Created by Unknown


forever alone Sad TV - 5812747520
Created by Rurounizanza

How ? D:

Sad lyra hands mouse - 6717666816
Created by Thunderbold

Every Child's Real Desire?

Sad oh no Pokémon yamask gameplay - 7432267008
Created by Dr.What

Recognize Missingno.

glitch Memes missingno Sad - 6095892736
Created by Unknown

Just Bidoof

Sad forever alone Memes bidoof - 7023050752
Created by Unknown

Japan Gets the Coolest Things

Sad game Pokémon Japan - 6748964864
Via pokemontokyo

This is the Way to Make a Wish Come True

Sad Pokémon comics - 7008191232
Created by Not_Important_At_All

Save Derpy, Please

comics derpy hooves Sad save derpy the last roundup - 5894425344
Created by Haruhism505

Couldn't Help It

Sad Sweetie Belle crying - 6815547904
Created by DeathByCupcakes

I Swear By My Pretty Floral Bonnet I Will...Probably Not Stop Watching You

Sad fox TV Firefly - 8168853504
Created by b-maharet

Never Fortrololololololol

best of week Death meme Sad trololololo - 6296406528
Created by gamer20002

Every Freakin’ Week

Sad new episode - 6929756416
Created by TomSFox

Look at That Happy Looking Monster

Sad Harry Potter family guy cartoons - 7951280640
Created by Unknown