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The Tears Were Too Real Here

Via 1000soldiers


Sad Fan Art eeveelutions pokemon-amie - 7998269184
Created by FatherofGray ( Via alternative-pokemon-art )

For All You Forgotten Singles

Sad Pokémon bulbasaur Valentines day - 8447118592
Via amerikas

Faith in Humanity Has Been Destroyed

call of duty gaming Pokémon Sad the internets - 6135842816
Created by arckachu


fly golurk Okay Sad scyther the internets - 6134155776
Created by Unknown

I'm Fine...

Sad feels pikachu - 8463512320
Via itsjayrad

Rorschach Expressions Test

Awesome Art crying face rorschach Sad superheroes - 5887604480
Created by Zakael

It Does Tend to Beat You About the Face

cat woman hulk old Sad Superhero IRL superman - 4829368320
See all captions Created by melovememes

Emo Pony

meme Sad season 3 - 6358720000
Created by kidsruninfear

Recognize Missingno.

glitch Memes missingno Sad - 6095892736
Created by Unknown

Oh Lyra

Sad unicorn lyra humans hands meme - 6744657920
Created by Unknown

It's Always Been Our Dream

awesome gifs lyrics Pokémemes pokemon theme reality Sad the internets - 6146137600
Created by The.Scientist

His Dates Always End Early

Sad flash - 7067286016
Created by Unknown

Make it Stop

Sad kill me wtf - 6945811200
Created by pixarpal95

I Was So Stupid Back Then

nurse joy pokerus rage comic Rage Comics rare Sad - 6394008064
Created by Unknown


anime cute gifs Sad - 8246936832
Created by maorows