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I Destroy Everything I Love

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The Good Old Days...

Sad Babies Pokémon facebook - 6715298048
Created by LeRoseyKat

She Doesn't Look Guilty

fluttershy pinkie pie Sad - 6621786368
Created by Stonebolt

Never Fortrololololololol

best of week Death meme Sad trololololo - 6296406528
Created by gamer20002

An Everlasting Friendship

evolution Fan Art Pokémon Sad - 8173143040
Created by YakuzaDuragon

Should I Feel Bad or is This Hitting a New Low?

GTS Pokémon Sad - 8330227968
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Good Guy Gary

gary oak meme Memes Sad - 5972154624
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Sad trixie great and powerful - 6835124224
Created by TomSFox

Not Allowed

Sad gen VI remakes the simpsons - 6961639680
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Sad Video Game Coverage rip Tom Clancy - 7832947456
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Let Me Get My Charcoal

Sad - 6122353408
Created by KarmasReaper

Maybe They'd Like You More if You Were 80s Spidey

Sad Spider-Man avengers - 6204775168
Created by Unknown

And You Were There With Me...

Battle celestia Sad season 2 finale TV - 6143798784
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Poor Brock

Sad brock anime - 7168425216
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A Wild Feel Appeared

Sad Pokémon old school - 8411798784
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He Was the Rock to End it All

Sad rocks tom - 6779449344
Created by RDash64