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Poor Thanos

Sad Death thanos - 7376340992
By xyzpdq1

It Doesn't Buy Happiness, Only Justice Does

justice batman money Sad Random Heroics - 6657856000
See all captions By Unknown

Forever Trading

forever alone gameboy link cable Memes nostalgia Sad - 5955289088
By Arpaleggia

The Good Old Days...

Sad Babies Pokémon facebook - 6715298048
By LeRoseyKat

How Dare You!

Sad gifs derpy hooves muffins - 8513022464
By maorows

Pokémon Problems

best of week gen 1 Memes pokemon problems Sad - 5779171840
By Unknown

My Eyes Were Puffy for Days

ash cry emotional pikachu Sad - 4917796352

There Should Be a Warning

lost Sad shiny the internets - 6280185600
See all captions By mudkichu
Sad Pokémon feels - 68854273

A Sad Comic About Abandoned Pokémon Gets Even More Upsetting With This Video

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With Great Power Comes Great... No Power

comics hospital pinkie pie Sad Spider-Man - 5787023616
By elohssakrej

Right in the Friendship

comic comics Sad shining armor spike - 6179470336
By -DoABarrelRoll-


Sad Pokémon Fan Art espurr natu - 8458257664
By Legna (Via catandcrown)

Evolution Sucks

evolution Sad - 6570286848
By LyseljusLeps

TFW You Learn You Are in a Nuzlocke Run

Sad Pokémon treecko nuzlocke - 8272759808
Via adrian-bvb

This is Sad Because it is Completely True

Sad Pokémon tumblr gyms - 7975240960
By Unknown

Ash, I...

anime gifs Pokémon Sad - 7890205952
By heisei24
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