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Talking to a Non Pokénerd

Sad the internets - 6391041280
Created by Unknown

Little Sister

celestia comic comics luna Sad twilight sparkle - 6039852800
Created by -DoABarrelRoll-

Why Does it Have to Be This Way?

adventure anime art ash brock dawn Sad the internets - 6120937472
Created by Unknown

Welcome to Competitive Battling

Battle battling best of week fun Sad training - 6255291392
Created by 123jerome

Pikachu's Face Says It All...WTF

Sad Pokémon pikachu - 8979744256
Created by pokemonrapmusic

It's a Dark Time for Spinda

Sad forever alone spinda yancham funny - 7453178624
Created by Unknown

Goodbye Memories

anime ash gifs goodbye memories misty Sad tv-movies - 6074871040
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George R.R. Martin Just Doesn't Have Enough Time to Finish 'the Winds of Winter' Right Now

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Poor Beast

beast Sad Straight off the Straight off the Page wolverine - 6466852096
Created by Battybub


Sad The Walking Dead - 6806350336
Created by Gills1710

I'll Always Remember Chu

art best of week goodbye pikachu Sad - 5672171008
Created by Unknown

Feelsmander Just Can't Evolve Into Feelsmeleon

evolution Pokémon Sad press b - 8246906368
Created by Concard

Poor Delibird...

Sad useless evolution delibird - 6785103360
Created by Chockaramel

Most Holidays, Really

Sad batman holidays parents - 6810626048
See all captions Created by BlueHeart_92

Goodnight Sweet Fish

Sad basculin shiny - 6968209920
Created by Unknown

Poor Pikachu

Sad Pokémon gifs anime pikachu food feels - 7173581056
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