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The English Pokémon XY Theme is a Remix of the Original Theme Song

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Nintendo Reveals Special Pokémon X&Y Themed 3DS XLs

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Created by DineshThePoet ( Via Serebii )

A New Adventure Begins

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Created by DineshThePoet
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Pokémon X and Y Breathed New Life Into the Franchise

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A Dangerous Battle

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Created by Mistermascara

The Hype is So High

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Created by Unknown
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That Feel When You're Trying to Breed a Shiny Gastly

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Mega Aerodactyl is Wicked Awesome

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Via McPunchton

Bunnelby's Evolution

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Created by fm64

Good Question!

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Created by profsoi212
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Nintendo Will Have a 90 Minute Presentation All About Pokémon X/Y at E3

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Pokémon X & Y Need to Come Sooner

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Created by Unknown

Proven Fact Through Science

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Created by Sosuke
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The 10 Best Things About Pokémon X and Y

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Now You Can Be MLG With Your Benches!

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X and Y, What Have You Done?

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Created by PokeZoidDerp