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This is Now on Every Calendar

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By Dragon_Piggy

First Batch Of July CoroCoro Scans

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By DineshThePoet (Via Serebii)

Bad Timing

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By Unknown

Which Version Are You Getting?

Pokémon First World Problems pokemon x/y - 7817163776
By HyperShadzy

Different Character Customization in Pokémon X & Y

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By Unknown

Todd Snap Approves of This Feature!

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By Unknown
Pokémon news videos pokemon smash pokemon x/y - 52676865

Pokémon X&Y: Xerneas & Yveltal Gameplay (Pokémon Smash!)

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The Milotic Your Feebas Could Be Like

milotic feebas commercials pokemon x/y - 7805759488
By BulletSoulKid

The Real Scumbags on PSS

Pokémon scumbags battling pokemon x/y - 7996037888
By Unknown

Trying to Summon Pokémon X/Y Early

Pokémon wtf IRL funny pokemon x/y - 7470969856
Via kokiri-saria

Do Not Open Until October 12

Pokémon family guy pokemon x/y - 7752043520
By Megamean09


SpongeBob SquarePants Memes pokemon x/y - 7578072320
By TobiCR

Please Nintendo, October is So Far Away

Memes that'd be great pokemon x/y - 7746420224
By Unknown

Trainer Customization is Awesome!

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By Calamako96

Proven Fact Through Science

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By Sosuke

Good Question!

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By profsoi212