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The Best New Feature in Pokémon X & Y

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By Unknown

Pokémon Bank Release Postponed After This Week's eShop Fail

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Via Nintendo Support

What it's Like Running Through Caves in Pokémon X and Y

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By Unknown

Scumbag Lysandre

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By RedWingedBlackbird

The XY Rivals Are a Little Dense

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By Unknown

Just Yveltal

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Via firetypetiny
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Another Pokémon X & Y TV Commercial

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Goomy's Evolution!

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By Unknown

At Last! Early Dragons!

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By Matthew Godman

New Steel/Ghost Pokémon Revealed!

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By DineshThePoet (Via Pokejungle)

The Milotic Your Feebas Could Be Like

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By BulletSoulKid

Shiny Sylveon (Pokémon X&Y Demo Version)!

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By DineshThePoet

New Pokémon and Moves Revealed!

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By DineshThePoet (Via Serebii)

Spoils Spoiled

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By YakuzaDuragon
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The Newest Gameplay Trailer for Pokémon X and Y

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This Game of Hazards Has Gone Too Far

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By Unknown