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Let's Choose English on a Japan Region Game

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By Unknown
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New Pokémon X/Y Trailer

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Half Your Team Already Planned Out

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By infinite_arceus

Some of the Fairy Types

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By David_the_Bored

Breaking News: Light Type Pokemon Announced!

Breaking News style Poke Meme about the new Light Type Pokemons.
By Unknown

Everyone Wants This

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Close Up of the New Pokémon

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Via Pokebeach

Pokémon X & Y Need to Come Sooner

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By Unknown

CoroCoro Scans Reveal New Pokémon and Character Customization

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By Shicky5000 (Via Serebii)

Can't Wait to Take in All the Pokémon X/Y Scenery

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By Chris

Breaking News!

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By Unknown

New Pokémon, Oorotto, Revealed In Special X&Y Commercial

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By DineshThePoet (Via PokéBeach)

New Pokémon X & Y Information Highlighted in Latest CoroCoro Scans!

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By DineshThePoet (Via Serebii)
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You Came to the Wrong Neighborhood

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Let's Look Back at the Music in X and Y!

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The Kalos Region (Official Release)

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By DineshThePoet