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A Dangerous Battle

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By Mistermascara

What it's Like Running Through Caves in Pokémon X and Y

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By Unknown

It Actually Happened....

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By ItsThatGuy93


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By Zorua

It's X-tremely Annoying, Y Bother?

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By masterfeja
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The Newest Gameplay Trailer for Pokémon X and Y

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You Cannot Resist

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By memefield

Half Your Team Already Planned Out

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By infinite_arceus
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Nintendo Developer Roundtable Featuring Pokémon X and Pokémon Y

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Introducing Pokémon Number 719: Diancie

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It's All So Obvious Now

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By Anonymous84

Scumbag Lysandre

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By RedWingedBlackbird

Serebii Confirms the Meaning of the Blue Pentagon

Screen grab from a phone in which Serebii Net confirms what the Blue Pentagon means.
Via Serebii

This Car Has an Awesome Decal

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By Unknown

At Last! Early Dragons!

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By Matthew Godman
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Tree Hugging Taken to a Whole New Level

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