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Apparently Pokémon Y is Better Than Pokémon X

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Pokémon Bank Release Postponed After This Week's eShop Fail

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A Lesson in Sitting

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Ruby and Sapphire Remakes? You Are Dismissed, My Good Sir

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You Cannot Resist

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Another New Pokémon X and Pokémon Y Gameplay Trailer

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Deal With It

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Are You Still NOT Excited for Pokémon X & Y?

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Close Up of the New Pokémon

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True Love, Like No Love Ever Was

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By Icanhaspenguinz
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Pokémon X and Y - Super Training Demo

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Breaking News!

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It's Been Such a Long Time

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It's X-tremely Annoying, Y Bother?

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Pokémon X&Y: Xerneas & Yveltal Gameplay (Pokémon Smash!)

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Xavier Knows What's Up

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