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Sweet Mother of Fantasies

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By Anonymous84 (Via JHallComics)

The Evolution of Being in the Way

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By Unknown
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Official Revelation of the New Pokémon and Characters!

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Restaurant Le NOPE

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By aelbert

Twitch Plays Pokémon Has Now Finished Every Generation of Pokémon

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Via SoImadeanaccounthere

New Pokémon, Oorotto, Revealed In Special X&Y Commercial

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By DineshThePoet (Via PokéBeach)

Planning on Trading Over All the Starters?

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By Shrewstur
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Buy a 3DS and Get Pokémon Free!

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Scumbag Lysandre

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By RedWingedBlackbird

Can't Wait to Take in All the Pokémon X/Y Scenery

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By Chris

Common Types of Pokémon X Y Leakers

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By Baktwerel (Via qvi)


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By Rukario-kun

It's All So Obvious Now

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By Anonymous84
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DIY Automatic Shiny Finder

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Overly Attached Hex Maniac

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Serebii Confirms the Meaning of the Blue Pentagon

Screen grab from a phone in which Serebii Net confirms what the Blue Pentagon means.
Via Serebii