Scizor Sisters

bianca comic scizor - 6729973504
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There's a Classroom at the Top of Mt. Silver?

Battle red mt-silver Memes - 7111214336
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Pikachu Just Laying Down Some Brutal Real Talk for a Hot Sec

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Gen VI Has a Glove Theme

gen VI froakie funny - 7453185536
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What a Liar

Pokémon gameplay - 7849059072
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Got My Pokédex Entry... Seeya

Pokémon pokedex web comics awkward zombie - 8233001728
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Have Charizard, Acquire Free Bikes

bicycles charizard comic Deal With It - 6110014720
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Iwanko Just Got Wasted

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The Evolution of a Togepi

pokemon memes togepi evolving
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Abra, You Cheated

abra comic - 5036129024
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His Only Dream Is to Be the Very Best

IRL trolling yahoo answers - 5905052160
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Very Motivational

art awesome best of week cute joltik motivational - 5769433088
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I No Release

box lotad gameplay nickname - 7002135296
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Keep Your Totodile Hand Strong

Chikorita pimp slap totodile - 4998704384
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Greninja Who?

hoenn greninja - 8180798208
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How Litleo Was Created

art litleo shinx comics - 7572129792
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