What Umbreon's Rings Are Used For

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Abusing Nicknames

Sad Pokémon nicknames - 8426010368
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Meet Mega Altaria, Mega Salamence, and Mega Lopunny in Game!

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Sometimes Bad News is Actually Good News

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The Miracle of Evolution

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Fight, Pokémon!

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Prepared for Trouble

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Freaking Porygon

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A Challenger Appeared

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The Problem With Not Saving Forever

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The Best Way to Spend a Lazy Day

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U Mad?

gary smell ya later the internets troll - 6412908544
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Maybe Magiana Comes Pre-Equipped With a Ball

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Shiny Mega Gardevoir Doesn't Mess Around

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Snuggle Buds

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Pokémon Miracles

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