You're Worse Than Gary

bulbasaur first generation gary the internets - 6277831168
Created by dirtydan15

Just Giving What the Fans Want

Pokémon firefighting birthday game types - 7284877312
Created by felgrand89

I Don't Want to Live on This Planet Anymore...

Sad yahoo answers pikachu legendary pokemon - 6697569280
Created by horrorpie

Proof of Alakazam's Foresight

Pokémon tumblr alakazam - 7401344256
Via greenmariosmansion

Hey There, Friend

pokemon memes gengar gif
Via chipsprites
wtf pikachu Video knockoffs - 63842305

Pokémon Diamond - Super Pikachu Bros. Edition

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The Legend of Steven

Fan Art - 8505018880
Created by Luchabro ( Via ライチー )

Almost Got a Shiny

art breeding eevee eggs shiny umbreon - 5272369152
Created by PYR0CAT ( Via filesmelt.com )

America - The Perfect Region

Pokémon america - 7852740096
Created by Unknown

Gaming: Then Vs. Now

Pokémon dorkly gaming DLC video games - 7158796032
Via Dorkly

What Happened to the Love of the Game?

pokemon memes kid vs now comic
Via J Hall Comics

Do Shinx Dream of Electric Sheep?

mareep shinx - 7153259520
Via tegaki

Who's That Pokemon?!

pokemon meme
Created by Steph182

Looks Really Familiar...

Pokémon SpongeBob SquarePants - 8427661056
Via dedenne

Don't Mess With Team Rocket

Badass gameplay meme Memes punch Team Rocket - 6192306688
Created by Unknown
Pokémon digimon Video - 77235201

Pokemon V Digimon

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