Pokémon Has Officially Announced the 722nd Pokémon, Magearna

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One Big Pokémon Family

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Pokémon Bank Security Isn’t Really Airtight

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The Best Solution to Everything

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This Quote Has a Lot of Meaning With the Announcement of the Fairy Type

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Everyone is Posing Like JoJo

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By Luchabro

Scumbag Magnemite

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By logan.huskilson

Kalos Has a Lot of Fluffy White Neckwear

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By Bappie

Matthew Murdock Is Not Entertained Right Now...

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This Stares Into My Soul More Than Espurr

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He Will Never Have Enough Poké Balls to Get the Job Done

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Joy Wants Your Pokemon to Faint

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Sylveon Babysitting Eevees

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Is This Guy Going to Try and Get Cab Fare Money From Me?

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Youtuber Finds Bootleg Pokemon Go Cards

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