Better Get That Chansey

IRL kangaskhan safari zone - 6256936960
By Unknown

Never Going to Get Work Done Again

awesome best of week calculator gary IRL - 5934731264
By Unknown

And Look at Those Eyes!

hair brock - 8753124608
By Unknown

LOL at Your Splash

comic lol magikarp - 5097810176
By kamikazie

It Even Knows Bite!

art rattata sign Team Rocket - 6230276608
By Unknown

How Did I Not Think of This Yet?!

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Crobatman to the Rescue

Pokémon fairy types Memes funny - 7564271872
By DineshThePoet

We Share Your Pain

caterpie caves Memes pikachu supersonic zubat - 6000029440
By Unknown

Out of Repel

zubat run gameplay cave - 6915156736
By Unknown

The Eeveelution of Shots

alcohol best of week eevee eeveelutions IRL shots - 5861529088
By EdtheShed

Nice Voltorbs

Pokémon team aqua - 8435606016
By Derp-a-derp (Via ssalbug)
Pokémon superheroes video games - 106758


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Not Now, Mom! You're Embarrassing Me in Front of Red!

Pokémon red - 8347571712
Via Zoahking

Ash Probably Deserved This

ash anime Pokémon - 8257573120
Via adrian-bvb

Mega Charizard X's Worst Nightmare

mega charizard X marill - 7839868416
By Doomer3003

Weepinbell Loves That Gastro Acid

awesome gross toilet weepinbell wtf - 6569993984
By Unknown