But You're Supposed to Only Have HM Moves

art bibarel HM slave meme Memes taunt u mad - 5655715840
By oldmangana

The Pokémon Kanto Deserves

awesome best of week kanto marowak the dark knight the internets - 6477600768
Via PokemonCard Wallets

You Got That Right

Via p0kegifs

Sorry to Ruin the Perception

goomy ruined wat - 7844005376
By Unknown

Playing Video Games With Umbreon and Espeon

espeon video games umbreon - 8269726208
By TekTheNinja (Via flakkynne)

Are You a Boy or a Girl?

willyoupressthebutton Pokémon professor oak - 7900878592
By DopplerEffect

David! James!

Fan Art Pokémon Team Rocket web comics - 8341921536
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Which Six Pokémon Would You Take to a Desert Island?

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Don't Mess With Red

meme Memes red rival - 6508362240
By Unknown

Never Ever Wake Snorlax

pokemon origins snorlax gifs wat - 7836729344
By Lucie-X

Sorry, I Was Joking, I Just Wanted to Say Hi... *sniff*

nurse joy Pokémon dialogue gameplay - 7864358912
By maorows (Via thunderose31)

It Knows!

the future xatu - 6565199616
By Chafuter

You Better Move, You Better Dance

puns pokepuns timburr - 8282229760
By Shizui
Pokémon Video Game Coverage pokemon sun and moon video games nintendo - 81257473

Pokémon Sun and Moon Reveals the First Ever Poison/Fire Type Pokémon with Unique Capability of Poisoning ANY Pokémon

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Reaction Image from Kosaku Anakubo's Pocket Monsters XY Manga

Cheezburger Image 8407071232
By MangaReaderX (Via CoroCoro)
Pokémon videos pokemon cards - 54839041

The Most Expensive Pokémon Card of All Time

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