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Captain Grumpy

Grumpy Cat 11th Doctor war doctor - 8120763392
Created by Simon Ingrand

I Used to Be a Trick-or-Treater Like You...

halloween arrow to the knee video games Skyrim - 6726336256
Created by iceeburns

May the Ink Be Ever in Your Favor

birds movies - 6013103360
Via the daily beast

Trenderhoof Is Not a Flank Man

applejack monty python rarity - 8055035648
Created by Myreal

Cat Scratch Fever

anime gifs sailor moon - 8463076352
Created by Unknown
Pokémon videos King of the hill cartoons - 55323905

What if Pokémon Had Been a Western Cartoon?

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Little Known Fact About Wooper

Pokémon the internets wooper - 8428400896
Via Nintendo_dewott

Star Trek Beyond Just Revealed That Mr. Sulu Will Be the First Gay Character in the Franchise

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I Mean That Blood Ain't Gonna Suck Itself

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Frakkin' Pumpkins

Battlestar Galactica jack o lanterns halloween - 6659267840
Created by mitnev

True Focus Lies Between Rage and Serenity

crossover Game of Thrones - 7670434816
Created by DukeSkymocker ( Via Duke Skymocker )
Video Game Coverage assassins creed video games - 82027521

Assassin's Creed Movie Shatters Records with This Leap of Faith Jump

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It's Gone Too Far

scifi star wars finn - 8602418688
Created by Squid_man

Hear Me Roar!

Game of Thrones - 8025136896
Created by BrutalDEEJAY


for sale pikachu - 6527110144
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Kawaii, Desu Ne!?

tv geek entertainment twilight sparkle sunset shimmer - 8348435968
Created by maorows ( Via gyaheung )