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My Sisters are Just Haters

disney gifs disney princesses The Little Mermaid - 7788109312
By Unknown

Who Can Say No To Sugar

gif sugar cube celestia - 7822891008
By maorows (Via kolshica)

Hulk Reaching Enlightment

the hulk yoda - 7910178048
By Unknown

Necessity is Key

gaben valve steam - 7959129856
By CrasherN (Via Kaku Jomics)
chicken lol chickens video games counter strike - 79759361

You Can Officially Make Chickens Follow You Around in Counter Strike Now

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darth vader batman vs - 69249793

How Batman Vs Darth Vader Should Have Ended

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At Least I'm Not Thinking of My Mother

expectations vs reality cartoons adventure time - 7041014784
By Geno_The_Local_Creeper

Zim, Do You Have Any Idea How Many Germs are at a Con?!

cosplay Invader Zim cartoons - 7610415360
Via David Ngo

Princess Serenity, is That You?

adventure time Fan Art sailor moon - 6393018880
By EFFI-EFFI (Via effi-illustrations)

Gamer Margery Takes the Throne

Cheezburger Image 8987099392
Via Mellu

When Worlds Collide

castle crossover Fan Art fandom Firefly nathan fillion - 6251057152
By Unknown (Via Strawberry Comics)

EXCLUSIVE First Look at the Rogue One Sequel

star wars - 8997147392
Via imgur

One Man's Paradise Is Another Man's Hell

Via acomik

President Trembly Knows That Feel, Doc

crossover Memes doctor who - 7117810688

It Turns out All the Black Panther Scenes in Captain America:Civil War Were CGI

Via screencrush

The Real Reason Snivy Got Contrary as its Hidden Ability

Pokémon snivy - 8462649344
By Houndoom-Kaboom (Via houndoom-kaboom)