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Pretty Sure It's Scary For Everyone

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Twenty-Nine Zelda Memes For The Fanatics

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That Awkward Moment You... Wait, What Was I Saying?

puns the silence - 8159926784
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Don't Let This Little Fire Starter Start His Own Fire

pokemon memes charmander eevee made of leaves
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My Little Pony As Directed by Michael Bay

Michael Bay twilight sparkle - 8255206144
Created by DeathByCupcakes

The Walking Dead's Version of Gourmet Cuisine

carl grimes daryl dixon Fan Art michonne The Walking Dead - 8081914624
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Don't Say Lazy

k-on manga - 5649932032
Created by butterflyperception ( Via miraiplus )
loki remix Video - 74580993

I've Got Nothing

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Bad Fanfic Friday: "Brillantly stupidly in love"

bad fanfic friday big bang theory crossover It Came From the It Came From the Interwebz - 6246236416
Created by Cat-Kid-Aoife ( Via )
vine parenting batman - 54957057

Batdad Vine Compilation

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Come Over

The Walking Dead - 8991687168
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'Can You Stay an Hour Late Today?'


She's No Princess in a Castle

dating - 7876576000
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pokemon memes lego pokemon
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John Finally Has the Upper Hand

crossover The Hobbit Sherlock - 7017033472
Created by Unknown

For the Man In the Blue Box

best of week doctor who Fan Art scifi tardis - 5840591872
Created by Unknown