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time for a buffy the vampire slayer remake | thumbnail includes two pictures including buffy the vampire slayer and zendaya

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Time for a Modern 'Stake' on the Cult Classic TV Show

This show was the best thing on TV at the time
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The Precious "One Ring" Card: A Rare Gem for Magic: The Gathering Fans

new lord of the rings game announced | thumbnail includes two pictures including frodo in a ring of fire and the one ring card
Via Wizards of the Coast
My precious
an article about Nvidia's tech demos | thumbnail includes two pictures including a CGI fairy and a CGI astronaut

A Pixelated Trip Down Memory Lane: NVIDIA Tech Demos (1999-2023)

We used to spend hours playing with these NVIDIA Tech Demos
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a collection of memes about the marvel cinematic universe | thumbnail includes two pictures including a meme with borat and a meme with thor

Marvel-ous Memes: 15 Mighty Memes to Brighten Your Mood

With great power comes great meme-sponsibility
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Disney Unveiled Its ‘Real’ Lightsaber | thumbnail includes a picture of Josh D’Amaro showing off the new lightsaber

Disney Unveiled Its ‘Real’ Lightsaber at SXSW and It Caused a Disturbance in the Force

We got to admit - This thing is pretty cool!
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an article about a gaming suite in a hotel | thumbnail includes two pictures including the gaming suite in the UK hotel and a over the top gaming room

The UK Has A 5-star Gaming Hotel Suite And We Are Jealous

It's a gamer's paradise
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Science Memes and jokes about science | thumbnail includes two pictures including a meme about quantum computing and a meme about DNA

Get Your Science Fix With These 18 Hilarious Science Memes to Cure Your Boredom

Science Doesn't Have to Be Serious
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Sorting ‘Star-Wars’ characters in Hogwarts houses | thumbnail includes two pictures including a group photo of star wars characters and the symbol for Hogwarts

Sorting ‘Star Wars’ Characters in Hogwarts Houses (Because of Course)

Pretty sure jar-jar is a Dementor
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MEmes about IT professionals

Relatable Memes and Tweets For & About IT Professionals

Hello, thanks for your email. We're happy to help. If you can't see these memes, we recommend that you try turning your computer off and then on again. Other than that sage wisdom, we can't help you, because we're not actually IT professionals—we specialize in memes. Despite this, we can offer some relatable content to all the information technologists out there who feel like being a little triggered and a lot seen. We know the job can be frustrating sometimes, and we salute you. Or maybe you'r…
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Article about research that makes images out of thoughts  | thumbnail includes several small pictures of photos and the reconstruction of the photos from MRI scans

AI Allows Researchers to SEE People’s THOUGHTS

It's possible to Generate Images Based on People's Brain Activity
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critics reaction to new D&D movie and dungeon masters react to the trailer| thumbnail includes two pictures including the movie poster and the characters from the movie

“Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” Reviews Are in and It’s a Critical Hit

The highly anticipated movie "Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves" has finally had a few early screenings, and it seems to be causing quite a stir among the critics that had the chance to see it. Let's take a closer look at what some of the top reviewers have to say about this epic fantasy adventure. Roger Ebert, the legendary film critic, starts his review by stating that the movie is "a thrilling and exciting journey into the world of Dungeons & Dragons." He goes on to praise the film's i…
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a video showing a virtual recreation of the titanic | thumbnail includes two pictures of -concise and dry description of thumbnail photos-

Titanic: Honor and Glory Demo Is Totally Unreal (Watch the Video)

This recreation of the Titanic is Unsinkable!
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The last of us cosplay pictures | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cosplay of ellie hugging joel and a young ellie

“The Last of Us” Season 1 Finale Delivers and We Celebrate With 12 Amazing Cosplay Pictures

When you're lost in the dark...
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a list of The 10 Most Devastating Weapons In Gaming History | thumbnail includes 4 weapons from the list, a burning city in the background

Flawless Victory: The 10 Most Devastating Weapons In Gaming History

When you absolutely, positively got to kill everyone in the room, accept no substitutes.
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Recap of the season finale of The Last of Us Starring Pedro Pascal on HBO

'The Last of Us' Finale: Recap and Funniest Reaction Memes (March 13, 2023)

The Last of Us season finale is here! Most of us couldn’t be more horrified. Prepare for spoilers: Players of the game knew what was coming. A high-stakes, intense and controversial ending that left the player confused of their own moral stance. Even after having beaten the game way back in the day, I was nowhere near prepared for what was in store. The television adaptation not only stays loyal to the game’s finale, it utilizes some of that “movie magic” to go above and beyond in creating a te…
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A video containing MANDALORIAN Season 3 Episode 2 BREAKDOWN | thumbnail includes Bo-Katan, Obi wan Kenobi and the eye of the mythosaur

So what WAS that giant dragon on The Mandalorian season 3 Episode 2?

How can Pedro Pascal look good even with a bucket over his head?!
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