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And Everyone Died on the First Day. The End.

dark souls sao - 8269233920
By Kurmon
one punch man - 84466433

One of the Greatest Fight Scenes of All Time

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This is DEFINITELY How He Survived the Fall

wtf gifs Sherlock - 7848064256
By Unknown
metal gear solid solid snake Video - 69158913

Learn Self Defense From Solid Snake in This Fun Instructional Video

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Home Sweet Home

Fan Art earthbound video games - 7112260864
Via kyomu
classic who animation 50th anniversary - 59262977

This Gorgeous Animation Celebrates Every Life of The Doctor

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Do You Know the Rules of Muggle Quidditch?

Harry Potter quidditch - 8017051904
Via International Quidditch Association

What A Wild Trick!


Stand and Deliver

comics cosplay marvel mystique xmen - 6155103488
By Lossien (Via Dana Harper)

Mega Man's #1 Fan

awesome mega man - 7829946368
By Unknown
cosplay Dragon Ball Z - 63458561

The Coolness Level Is Over 9000

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cosplay the warp zone conventions superheroes Video - 55354113

Who Could Resist This Gender Bending Cosplay?

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Game of Thrones - 70539777

This Game of Thrones Mashup Proves There's Never Too Many Too Many Cooks Mash Ups

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george lucas Michael Bay movies titanic Video - 36634113

Michael Bay and George Lucas Present: "Titanic" 3D

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Solving Mysteries In Time and Space

Tintin tshirts 10th doctor - 8285734400
Via NeatoShop

Need to Improve Your Aim?

Game of Thrones joffrey baratheon - 7341181696
Via Red Bubble