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Trenderhoof Is Not a Flank Man

applejack monty python rarity - 8055035648
By Myreal

Corgi Avengers Will Defend The Earth With Cuteness

The Avengers cute corgi - 8368437504
Via omelettethecorgi
opera portal 2 turrets Video - 33461505

If Only You Had Sinister Laser Eyes

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christmas - 66929409

Timey Wimey Christmas is The Christmas Carol For All You Who Fans

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You Gotta' Optimize the Atmosphere While You're Doing Evil, Right?

Via JacobJanerka
professor x nightcrawler - 56587521

Firing Nightcrawler

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Pokémon list colors - 182789

What Would Happen if a Pokémon's Color Scheme Didn't Change?

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here's Hanzo!

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And You Thought You Had Daddy Issues

Fan Art loki marvel summer blockbusters The Avengers Thor - 6260998144
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anime fairy tail Video AMV - 54867457

Don't Start a Fight With Fairy Tail

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The Two Most Adorable Things In Time and Space

10th doctor kitten - 8207204608
Via sherlockius

The Walking Kenny

The Walking Dead - 8449925376
By treestar88

Classic Philosophy Problem

Via GenuinePorkChops

Ohhh the Burn

cartoons - 8607308800
By Unknown

Marceline the Paper Queen

adventure time Fan Art cartoons - 6697164032
By Unknown

This Will Really Tie Your Room Together

etsy - 8109751552
Via OldeTymeNotions
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