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video covering the top 10 most beloved robots in pop culture | thumbnail includes a collage of robots from cinema and TV

Top 10 Most Beloved Robots in Pop Culture: A Sci-Fi Celebration

"Beep Beep Boop Beep" - R2D2
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10 little known facts about Firefy | thumbnail includes two pictures of firefly promotion material

Shiny: 10 Firefly Facts Every Browncoat Should Know

You can't take the sky from me!
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a video going through Every Live-Action version of Batman  | thumbnail includes pictures of several of the most famous versions of batman

From 1943 to 2023: Every Live-Action Batman on the Big and Small Screens

From the streets of Gotham City to the hearts of millions worldwide, Batman has been capturing the imagination of fans for over 80 years. T he Dark Knight's journey through the annals of pop culture is as fascinating as it is varied, with each new iteration leaving its distinct mark on the character's ever-evolving legacy. In this comprehensive video from the YouTube channel "Evolution Lab," we delve into every single live-action version of Batman, spanning TV shows and movies alike. Since his…
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How to watch star wars in text art | thumbnail includes two pictures from the ascii version of star wars

A New ASCII Hope: Watch Star Wars in Text Art and Unleash Your Inner Geek

Technically not the entire movie, but still very cool!
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23 gaming memes | thumbnail includes two pictures of gaming memes

Level Up Your Meme Game: 23 Funny and Relatable Gaming Memes

Achievement Unlocked: wasted 10 minutes looking at gaming memes.
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a collection of 20 memes about Dungeons and Dragons  | thumbnail includes two memes about Dungeons and Dragons

Roll for Laughs: 20 Wizard D&D Memes for Seasoned Adventurers

We rolled 20 on these memes!
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List of the best-selling gaming consoles of all time | thumbnail includes two pictures of -concise and dry description of thumbnail photos-

High Score: The 20 Best-Selling Video Game Consoles in History

Which was your favorite console of all time?
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MCU characters and their best one-liners | thumbnail includes two pictures including iron man and the scarlet witch

Marvel-ous Quips: Iconic One-Liners from Your Favorite MCU Characters

Which of these is your favorite?
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a video demonstrating a revolutionary new way to do animation for games | thumbnail includes a picture of a realistic looking virtual woman

This New Unreal 5.2 Feature Is Going to Revolutionize the Gaming Industry

Any game could achieve this level of animation in minutes!
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20 memes for geeks | thumbnail includes two pictures of geeky memes

20 Freshly Forged Geeky Memes to Level Up Your Day

You got any more of them Freshly Forged Memes?
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a video showing easter eggs and references in "Hogwarts legacy" | thumbnail includes artwork from the game and several easter eggs in red circles

Mischief Managed: 40 Easter Eggs and Hidden Gems Lurking in "Hogwarts Legacy"

Revelio! Revelio! Revelio! Revelio!
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a collection of memes for geeks | thumbnail includes two pictures of geeky memes

20 Geeky Memes for Geeky Geeks Who Enjoy Geeking

Umm actually, some of these memes are nerdy, not geeky
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a video of the world's biggest star wars collection | thumbnail includes a picture of Darth Vader in front of some star wars memorabilia

The World’s Biggest Star Wars Collection Is Something to Behold

If it says 'Star Wars' on the box - this guy has it!
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the 20 most powerful spells in d&d | thumbnail includes two pictures of d&d characters casting spells

Arcane Arsenal: The 20 Most Powerful Spells in Dungeons & Dragons

Fireball! Fireball! Fireball!!!
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An article about john wick being a program in the matrix | thumbnail includes two pictures including john wick and neo

Into the Rabbit Hole: Is John Wick a Program in the Matrix?

You have to admit, this theory is pretty good
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A collection of movie memes | thumbnail includes two pictures of movie memes

20 Movie Memes to Make Your Moviegoing Experience a Little Funnier

A Star-Studded Collection of Movie Memes
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