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Is that Thor's hammer or are you just ecstatic to see Marvel memes again? Whatever the case, you'll get your fair share of Marvel puns jokes and remixes that will have you chuckling the day away. So grab your Vibranium shield and your Iron Man suit and get ready to dive in.

Thor marvel superheroes Video avengers - 79259649

Chris Hemsworth Reveals the Incessant Dirty Thor Joke Fans Always Ask Him About

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trailers marvel movies Fantastic Four Video - 68262145

The First Official Teaser Trailer for Fantastic Four is Here!

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Yet Another Reason Why Deadpool's the Best

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gta v pc marvel GTA V grand theft auto v Grand Theft Auto Video - 73476353

Having Trouble Staying Alive in GTA V? There's a Hulkbuster for That!

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marvel movies iron man - 57649665

This Synopsis of Iron Man 1 and 2 Is Better Than The Movies

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Atta Kid Peter Parker!


The Avengers League of Justice Assemble

avengers DC justice league marvel superheroes - 7936579840
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marvel doctor strange - 1093125

Things You Didn't Know About Doctor Strange

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marvel The Avengers - 63964417

All of The Non-Action From Marvel Phase 1 and 2

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trailers marvel iron man captain america superheroes Video - 79892737

The 8-Bit Trailer for Captain America: Civil War Literally Tops Batman v Superman Itself

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That Sobering Moment You Realize Your Friend's About to Crush the Arm Wrestling Match

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The First Images Leaked From the Set of Iron Fist, and They're Better Than We Could've Hoped For...

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anniversary marvel - 63845121

75 Years of Marvel

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marvel deadpool april fools superheroes - 79218945

You Just Got Pooled

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marvel x men cartoons Video - 77222401

The Goofier Bits From X-Men the Animated Series

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Martha Be Like

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