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It's a me Mario! If you've got a thing for the world's favorite animated plumber and generational hero, then you'll get a barrel of laughs and power up from these jokes.

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This Amazing 8-Bit Domino Tribute to Super Mario World Will Knock You Over

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Goodbye Ubisoft, I don't need you anymore.

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Also Works Well if You Have Any Ancient Castles Lying Around

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By Unknown

Yoshi Even Has Shinies

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By tacos4breakfast
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Anticipated Games We Might See in 2017

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Super Mario to Make Its Debut on the iPhone at Last!

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Mama Mia!

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She Can Save Herself

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By Unknown

His Plumbing Skills Are Legendary

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Mario S Thompson

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Can I Eat Cookies All Day?

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By Unknown

Someone at Nintendo is Trying to Tell Us Something

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I Think Mario Picked the Wrong Girl

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By Pols (Via twilit-arawen)
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Mario vs. Pokemon

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A Man Can Only Endure So Much

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Super Rainbow Dash World

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By -DoABarrelRoll-