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It's a me Mario! If you've got a thing for the world's favorite animated plumber and generational hero, then you'll get a barrel of laughs and power up from these jokes.

This is One of the Coolest Engagement Ring Boxes Ever

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Good Guy Mario

good guy mario nintendo - 8438666496
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Never Forget, Good Guy Mario Kart 3DS

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A Full Head of Hair Is Overrated

Green lantern hair It Came From the Interwebz mario - 5794275072
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Wanna Come Back to My Castle?

Fan Art mario peach Super Mario bros - 5922351872
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food cakes mario Video - 62138369

Super Mario Cake Animation

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Ready for the Mushroom Cup

cosplay Mario Kart mario poorly dressed g rated - 7736326656
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Applejack Doesn't Need to Jump Over the Barrels

arcade art mario rarity - 5302687232
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Forget That Bowser Fellow

cute Fan Art mario president video games - 5771119616
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This is What Happens When Luigi is Finally Number One

Mario Kart comics luigi mario - 7797544448
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380 Squares Later, This Mario Throw is Perfect!

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The 8 Video Game Loves of Your Life

dating call of duty Grand Theft Auto mario video games relationships zelda sonic - 7962030592
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did you know gaming videos mario Video Game Coverage - 55788801

Did You Know Gaming: Mario - Part 5

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super smash bros mario memes

The Smash Bros Ultimate Release Is Inspiring Some Hot 'N' Spicy Memes And Reactions

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NES luigi Super Mario bros mario nintendo Video Game Coverage - 74258433

Anniversary of the Day: Super Mario Bros. Turns 30, You're Old

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