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It's a me Mario! If you've got a thing for the world's favorite animated plumber and generational hero, then you'll get a barrel of laughs and power up from these jokes.

shigeru miyamoto Super Mario bros mario - 84709889

How Miyamoto Designs a Game

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batman mario Video superman - 153095

It's Mario Vs. Sonic in This Video Game Version of the Batman Vs Superman Trailer

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Super Mario Power-Up Bar Shot Set

etsy mario - 8111910144
Created by Blobbette ( Via LittleBlobofGreen on Etsy )

Make These Mushroom Rolls for Your Next Brawl

DIY noms video games mario - 7655080448
Created by Unknown

It's-a-Me, Limestone!

limestone pie mario yoshi - 8603727872
Created by OFC_operator

Pokémon x Mario

Via ShadowMoses05


Via spyisaspy

Sorry, The Princess is in Another Castle

gifs mario nintendo - 7077753600
Created by Unknown

Greatest Troll Moment in Equestria!

princess luna troll princess celestia mario - 7854724864
Created by jinrex015

Maybe a Little Problem

crossover mario rainboom rainbow dash video game - 5250308864
Created by Bendyrulz
mario nintendo Video Game Coverage - 55597313

Game Theory: Why Mario is Mental, Part 1

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This Fan's Crocheted Mario Blanket Is Amazing

crochet blanket mario - 8434557184
Via Ge Ge Crochet
food cakes mario Video - 62138369

Super Mario Cake Animation

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Good Guy Mario

good guy mario nintendo - 8438666496
Via BuzzThunder
Pokémon mario - 84007937

Mario vs. Pokemon

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Power Up and Check Out This LEGO Lamp!

lamp mario lego nerdgasm video games - 8329479680
Via Technabob
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