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Something We ALL Can Agree On!

army loki president - 6570740224
Created by Jackalgirl


loki tom hiddleston gifs - 7619480576
Created by kimkarolin


iron man loki Movie oops - 6581817088
Created by Unknown

Couple of Daft Punks

loki crossover Music Thor daft punk - 7685860096
Created by Supersketch

She's Right Behind You!

cosplay loki movies The Avengers - 6137767680
Via Toby Markham

Maybe on Thorsday

funny puns loki Thor - 7882174208
Created by Unknown

I've Got to Stop Drinking

avengers drinking hulk loki Super-Lols - 6363660032
Created by Anonymous

Hammer Time

loki Thor hammer mjolnir - 6714347264
Created by Unknown

Player 2 Curse

loki video games Thor - 7980286464
Created by Inpero

Kneel With the Rest of Them!

comics cosplay crossover disney loki movies The Avengers - 6412593152
Created by Unknown

You Know I Will

avengers good guy loki Super-Lols - 6280536064
Created by accessor96

Tom Hiddleston Is Confused

Via trickster-god-loki

Mommy Needs a Drink

avengers Fan Art loki summer blockbusters - 6287531008
Created by JW101 ( Via jen-and-kris )

Half Pony/Half Ice Giant

loki my little pony Plushie - 8303107072
Via tazzfox

Loki: Agent of Asgard is Bi

gender loki comic - 7868322048
Via Russ Burlingame

The Road to Asgard

avengers dreamworks Fan Art loki marvel Thor - 6209291520
Created by Emalie Tison ( Via )