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Oh Thor, If Only There Were Someone Out There Who Loved You

loki Thor frozen - 8211247616
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Coulson Knows That Feel

loki agent coulson The Avengers - 8211358976
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I Wonder if He's Rooting for Bane?

batman Dark Knight Rises loki Random Heroics tom hiddleston - 6430825984
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Tom Hiddleston Teases the Return of Loki in New Pic for Thor: Ragnarok!

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Getting Crunk On the Bifrost

loki Thor art awesome - 6923495424
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loki tom hiddleston age of ultron deleted scenes avengers - 74766081

Tom Hiddleston Reveals What Happened to Loki in Age of Ultron

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The Doctor and Loki Read Some Steamy 50 Shades Excerpts

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You Know I Will

avengers good guy loki Super-Lols - 6280536064
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Puny God

loki waifu The Avengers - 7775155712
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If You Liked It Than You Should Have Put a Ring Of Power On It

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What a Breakfast That Would Be

loki breakfast t shirts iron man funny - 7494858496
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Loki NOOOO!!!!

loki Super-Lols toys - 6368394752
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Loki Makes a Return to Earth

loki The Avengers cosplay superheroes - 6697792000
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Loki Has a Diary?

Awesome Art diary emo loki Thor wtf - 6295794688
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Hammer Time

loki Thor hammer mjolnir - 6714347264
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Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston Visit Children's Hospital In Australia

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