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And You Best Believe She'll Write a Song About What Goes down Here Today

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The True King of the Breakfast Aisle

cereal loki - 7992213504
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loki 10th doctor fangirls - 63095553

The Doctor and Loki Read Some Steamy 50 Shades Excerpts

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Loki totally Looks Like Darlene From "Roseanne"

hair loki Thor - 7383945216
By andrewz123

The Trickiest of LEGO

loki epic lego awesome - 7042223872
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Set Phasers to LOL: Star Wars Vs. Avengers

avengers comparison Han Solo hulk loki luke skywalker star wars tom hiddleston tony stark - 6227786752

How To Be Thor

loki Thor - 8385240576
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Loki Laufeyson Vs The Avengers

avengers Awesome Art best of week loki scott pilgrim - 6261528576
By Unknown

Daddy Issues

loki Thor star wars odin luke skywalker darth vader - 7907024384
By Unknown

From SDCC: Now That's a Tricky Statue

amazing loki Random Heroics statue toy - 6420425472
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Set Phasers to LOL: Loki Vs. Zod

avengers cheezburger comparison loki original superheroes superman tom hiddleston villains - 6328093184
By Unknown
loki Thor hammer - 49781249

Thor 'n Loki

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Puny God

avengers earth fun loki superheroes Super-Lols - 6305564928
By WafflesOnDoomsday (Via devanalbarnevans)

Match Made in Heaven

Angelina Jolie loki Maleficent - 7933768448
By apple_crumbler

Loki Vs. Avengers Vs. MacGyver

loki avengers - 8343938816
By Raeyvannah

Loki Has a Diary?

Awesome Art diary emo loki Thor wtf - 6295794688
By FeralCatzForever
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