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Pretty Fair

army avengers hulk ironman loki Super-Lols - 5802908416
Created by Unknown

Instant Ice Maker

captain america Fan Art iron man loki The Avengers - 6382371072
Created by Hananonymous ( Via sanzo-sinclaire )

The Things We Learn

asgard loki sexy times Super-Lols - 6376795904
Created by Aerwyn

Hammer Time

loki Thor hammer mjolnir - 6714347264
Created by Unknown

You Know I Will

avengers good guy loki Super-Lols - 6280536064
Created by accessor96

Got Ovaries?

loki The Avengers - 7025528064
Created by kimkarolin

Such Adpoted Rage

adopted angry loki Super-Lols Thor - 6383556096
Created by PandaCookie013

I Thought It Already Belonged to a Cellist...

Via caragaleblog
loki Thor Zeus - 66538241

Everyone's Favorite Asgardian Trickster Appears in The NEwest Epic Rap Battle

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Everyone Agreed

loki tom hiddleston sexy - 8052229632
Created by Unknown

Avengers Up!

crossover loki movies The Avengers Thor up - 6586330880
Created by cazjane

Much Sharper

Fan Art iron man loki The Avengers tony stark - 6382358016
Created by Hananonymous ( Via sanzo-sinclaire )

He is Not "Just Misunderstood" and Especially Not "Poor and Mistreated"

loki tumblr avengers - 7787113472
Created by Unknown

And Stay Down Loki!

Via superheroesbelike

Heroes Always Win, No Matter the Age

captain america costume heroes kids loki Super Costume - 6277848832
Created by The Assgardian

Brotherhood Unity

loki Thor - 8096548096
Created by Unknown
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