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A Battle of Wits

loki princess luna ponify chess - 8428410880
Created by B4T_M4N ( Via reiduran )

One Lovely Loki

loki costume Sexy Ladies rule 63 - 7056203008
Via Something Completely Different
loki Thor hishe - 57053697

Well, Hindsight Is 20/20

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Thor and Loki: the Early Years

loki Thor cosplay kids cute - 6733601024
Created by Tallulah99

And You Best Believe She'll Write a Song About What Goes down Here Today

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Tony Stark's New Groove

funny Movie disney The Avengers Thor loki categoryimage categoryvoting-page - 6652654592
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cosplayers loki from the avengers standing between two cosplayers characters from the game borderlands with face masks throwing hands signs
Created by Unknown

Oh Thor, If Only There Were Someone Out There Who Loved You

loki Thor frozen - 8211247616
Via sherly-holmes-blog

Maybe That's Why You're So Evil

feels gif loki tom hiddleston - 7962373888
Created by Unknown

Loki Vs. Avengers Vs. MacGyver

loki avengers - 8343938816
Created by Raeyvannah

All The Props!

avengers loki props tom hiddleston - 6591262976
Created by Shinigami-L ( Via Tom Hiddleston )

Lovely Loki

comics cosplay loki rule 63 - 5472702208
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loki cosplay The Avengers rule 63 - 7077788672
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Loki Has Perfected the "No Touch Good Time."

loki no no tubes Super-Lols - 5444280832
Created by Fuzzy

Heroes Always Win, No Matter the Age

captain america costume heroes kids loki Super Costume - 6277848832
Created by The Assgardian

Evil Squee!

good guy handsome loki superheroes Super-Lols - 6291591168
Created by Jackalgirl