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Classic: I Never Get Tired of This

hulk loki ouch angry - 6618477312
Created by KENDALL

Set Phasers to LOL: Loki Vs. Zod

avengers cheezburger comparison loki original superheroes superman tom hiddleston villains - 6328093184
Created by Unknown


gifs loki Thor - 6515129600
Created by Unknown

The Pet Lovers Were In on It

loki names Random Heroics superheroes Thor - 6291405056
Created by MBArceus

He Needs A Straight

loki Thor web comics - 7984773376
Via LOL Dwell
loki Thor weather superheroes - 79215617

This Weatherman Is Incredibly Low-Key

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Chaos Guaranteed

Bronies crossover Fan Art loki my little pony summer blockbusters The Avengers - 6300411904
Created by Koumaki ( Via koumaki )

Close Enough

Close Enough loki superheroes Super-Lols - 6500048128
Created by strangelilvampyr

Fun Fact: A Group of Caterpillars Is An Army

army loki - 8218384128
Created by pixarpal95

Guess What? You're Adopted!

cosplay loki summer blockbusters The Avengers Thor - 6473786880
Via somelikeitblue

This Wordplay Never Gets Old

Black Widow loki Thor - 7900866560
Created by Unknown

DJ Loki Kills

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LOKI: Choose ALL the toppings!

costume delicious ice cream loki - 6515825920
Created by FahrLight ( Via FAHRCHAN )

Glorious Porpoise

avengers loki photoshop - 6617255680
Created by LorcatheGreat

Plot Summary of Thor 1

loki Thor frozen - 8131333632
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