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Steven Moffat is a Murderer

doctor who feels Steven Moffat fandom problems - 7926281728
Created by KingBeowulf12

Caution: Feels

feels tacos sonata dusk - 8991237632
Via TJ Pones

One Ends, One Begins

12th Doctor 11th Doctor doctor who feels - 7938352640
Created by silentjay12345

Patrick Stewart Gives This Fan the Surprise of a Lifetime and a Hug That'll Warm Your Heart

feels patrick stewart Star Trek scifi - 8332621056
Via James Barker

Service Pokémon

feels Pokémon - 8258793216
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Anohana Feels

try not to cry feels - 8179005696
Created by gEEjus

Y U Remind Me?

feels kids fullmetal alchemist - 7234001152
Created by Unknown

I'll Never Forget the Little Guys Who Helped Me Survive

nintendo feels Sad pikmin - 8420242432
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Sorry, Grandpa Aang

Avatar aang feels korra - 8338882048
Created by YourOne

Daryl Feels

feels gifs The Walking Dead - 7165349888
Created by Unknown

I Know that Supersonic Feel

annoying feels i know that feel Memes supersonic zubat - 6506078720
Created by Unknown

>Tfw No More Tacos

Taco Tuesday feels sonata dusk - 8358095872
Created by maorows

MFW No New Pokémon

pokemon memes crying mewtwo gif

After a Season Finale

feels gifs korra - 7197487360
Created by Unknown

Iron Man Does Not Have an Iron Heart

Via lsai76

Super Feels

cat feels off the page funny superman - 7632333568
Created by bossman345