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We Get a Do-Over on This Day, Right?

superhero memes the flash cisco try not to cry
Via The Flash

Nina, All Grown Up

anime memes lolisoup fullmetal alchemist nina grows up
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Kill It With Fire!

feels squee Scootaloo - 8078970368
By Emperor_Xenol

He Finally Came Back to Her

try not to cry feels anime - 7017788416
By willshale

Try Not to Cry

feels eevee tears shinies sylveon - 8326451456
By Woopar
Sad Pokémon feels - 68854273

A Sad Comic About Abandoned Pokémon Gets Even More Upsetting With This Video

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Pikachu Turns the Other Cheek

feels anime pikachu - 7119643392
By Unknown

I Just Can't Anymore

feels The Avengers reaction gifs captain america - 7613205760
By Unknown

Very Cute

feels anime cartoons re-frames - 8589609472

Steven Moffat is a Murderer

doctor who feels Steven Moffat fandom problems - 7926281728
By KingBeowulf12

Right in the Feels

feels anime - 8110939904
By PlayersAce

It Doesn't Have to be a Snowman

feels Fan Art frozen - 8063064576
Via h-robun

We Know How You Feel

season 3 felix baumgartner feels Bronies - 6675432192
By Ali360D119

Me Too Please

pokemon memes cubone fossil resurrection
Via inanimatedan

This Sentry's Heart is Flash Frozen

feels waifu twilight sparkle flash sentry - 8082373888
By Atanarix

Then Cheers Become Tears

ash pokemon movie feels - 7035798528
By 00DEL00