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I'm Sorry Buddy

feels Avatar the Last Airbender appa cartoons - 7109546752
Created by Unknown

Until we Meet Again

feels anime - 8563515904
Created by Sosuke

Miss You, Buddy

Sad disney feels up - 7058998784
Created by Unknown

Jiraiya Memories

feels gifs anime naruto - 8472037120
Created by memefield

Do You Believe Your Own Feels That Much?

anime feels sailor moon - 8571375104
Created by GhostConvoy
feels Spider-Man - 72115201

All Aboard the Feels Train: This Spider-Man Fan Film Honors the Memory of a Child Who Passed Due to Brain Cancer

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River, No!

feels doctor who River Song - 6960312320
Created by Unknown

This Pokémon Tombstone Will Fill You With Feels

Sad Pokémon feels kids - 7836419584
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Liquid Pride Was Shed

Bronies feels liquid pride season 3 finale - 7396019968
Created by Dxthegod

Right in the Feels...

Pokémon cubone feels tattoos - 8053851392
Created by Unknown

Diancie Feels

feels Memes - 8256428544
Created by _Rarity_

Cross Your Heart

disney feels gifs up movies pixar - 6971403776
Created by muppetpuppet

So Many Feels

jon snow and sansa reunited and we cried a lot
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Because You Didn't Need to Feel Happy Today

Pokémon feels cartoons - 8566097408
Created by e.squeezey ( Via because-dachshunds )

R.I.P. You Were Always Loved

golem Sad Pokémon feels - 7393779200
Created by Unknown

You Remind Me of Someone

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